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Recruitment drive for 400 new staff

30th April 2021

RANDOX Laboratories is having a recruitment drive for 400 new staff in support of its Covid-19 testing operations.

The healthcare diagnostics company has increased its workforce by over 850 staff since the beginning of the pandemic. It continues to recruit to enhance its laboratory capacity within the UK’s National Covid-19 Testing Programme. As well as for those requiring PCR testing before travel.

The vacancies, based at the the Randox Science Park in Antrim, are available across science, accessioning, manufacturing and customer support.

Managing Director of Randox Laboratories, Dr Peter FitzGerald said. “We are fortunate to benefit from Northern Ireland’s incredible talent pool across a variety of disciplines. So many have already responded to our call for support in fighting the coronavirus.

“Our staff have risen to the challenge this pandemic has created, been incredibly resourceful and flexible. And pulled together as a team to make an impact in the fight against Covid-19. They are our best asset and we are very proud of their efforts.” Earlier this month Randox reached a significant testing milestone, with 12 million tests completed since its testing began.

Thanks to significant private investment, Randox’s testing capacity, which in March 2020 was just 150 tests per day, has now increased to 120,000 daily Covid tests. Thus making Randox the most productive laboratory in the UK and Ireland.

Dr FitzGerald continued. “The completion of over 12 million gold-standard PCR tests for the UK’s National Testing Programme, representing approximately 21% of all PCR tests executed in the UK, is testament to the hard work and dedication of all our staff.

“We continue to play a vital role in the national network of testing, which is of critical importance and remains a key part of the response to COVID-19 – not only to identify outbreaks, isolate cases and prevent further spread, but also to assist with a return to social and economic normality.”


Are you interested in joining Randox’s recruitment drive for 400 new staff for its Covid-19 Testing Programme?

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