30th March 2015

Cope with Redundancy

HOW TO…  COPE WITH REDUNDANCY  FACING redundancy can be an anxious time and although it may be a daunting prospect, it is also an opportunity for a fresh start. There is plenty of advice out there on how best to cope with redundancy, how to survive it, and how to use it to your best...

17th September 2013

Reduncancy and Maternity

It is unfair dismissal and sex discrimination to select a woman for redundancy because she is pregnant or on maternity leave. Unfortunately CAB continues to receive evidence of women being dismissed and selected for redundancy on the basis of pregnancy or maternity leave. There are often issues about whether a redundancy is a genuine redundancy....

17th September 2013

Redundancy Issues

Citizens Advice Bureau CAB) across Northern Ireland have been reporting increases in the number of redundancy issues being dealt with. Redundancy is a form of dismissal. A dismissal will be a redundancy if: the employer’s business, or part of the business, has ceased to operate; or the employer’s business has moved to a different place;...

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