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Cope with Redundancy

30th March 2015



FACING redundancy can be an anxious time and although it may be a daunting prospect, it is also an opportunity for a fresh start. There is plenty of advice out there on how best to cope with redundancy, how to survive it, and how to use it to your best advantage. 

MAKE A PLAN: whether you want to take the opportunity to go travelling, study, embark on a new career direction or find employment again within the same field, the best advice is to make your decision from the outset and make a plan on how to achieve it. If you wish to find employment again straight away, begin the process of creating your CV. Set some time aside every day for searching and applying for jobs. Consider registering your CV with recruitment agencies. 

STAY POSITIVE: It is im-portant to remind yourself that you as a person are not redundant – your previous job is redundant. A positive attitude also helps drive and motivate you.

KEEP BUSY: Until you land that new job, be sure to keep yourself busy and motivated. The searching for a new job is very much a full-time job in itself and if approached correctly, should take up quite a bit of your free time. Do not cut yourself off from the out-side world. Staying in touch and keeping yourself busy will keep your mind active and focused.

REVIEW YOUR SPENDING: Review all your spending hab-its and cut down where you can. Make whatever money you have (or are receiving) last longer — giving you more breathing space in your search for a job.

KNOW YOUR STATUTORY RIGHTS: Ensure that you are receiving everything which you are entitled to by law. You may be entitled to cash help from the government or local authorities. Also ensure that you have received redundancy payment, if you are entitled, from your employer. 

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