How to… pass winter exams

23rd November 2018

With end-of-year exams looming now is the time to knuckle down to revision. These winning revision tips will get you off to a flying start and ensure you use your time productively.

Gather all your notes in one space

A lot of time wasting occurs when you’re busy sourcing the material you need to study. Keep everything organised together in one space.

Draw up a revision timetable

Research shows that shorter 20-30 minute spells work best, because your concentration is much higher. It is also recommended you take short, frequent breaks and mix the order of the subjects you are studying.

Make it visual

Many students are visual learners which means just reading something over and over again isn’t going to cut it. Visual learners need sights, images and visual concepts to make things stick.

Get somebody to test you

Asking someone to test you is a productive break from the dreary monotonous studying routine. This will also allow you to see where your strengths lie and what sections you need to re-visit.

Find old exam papers

Using a past paper, undertake a mock exam under exam conditions. This will help you practice writing under time constraints.

Get some fresh air

Working in a warm, central heated room can make you feel tired and sluggish. Keeping a window open or taking your breaks outside should help to keep you feel more awake.

Reward yourself

It can’t be all about study, study, study. If you have achieved a study goal, or mastered a particular tricky bit of material then reward yourself with something you like doing.

Avoid cramming, but revisit your notes before an exam

We all know cramming is a no-go. You stress yourself out and the material quickly exits your brain. However, calmly revisiting key notes and flash cards will allow you to feel prepared. Everything will be fresh in your mind when you take the exam.


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