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17th September 2013

How to… Complete a job application form

  Completing a job application form Some employers prefer job seekers to apply for a job via an application form, as opposed to sending a CV. Application forms are generally very specific to each job and company and are designed for you to show that you have all the requirements for the job for which...

17th September 2013

How to… Get the most out of job fairs

  Job fairs can be daunting because they bring you face to face with your competition – all the other people soon to depart student life who’ll be sending out letters and CVs to employers and trying to get the same jobs you want.  But with a number of employers in the same place at...

17th September 2013

How to … Enhance your CV

TIPS TO MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SKILLS To boost your CV and employability, it is important that you take the correct steps to fill any gaps you have in skills and qualifications within your CV. Some effective ways to address this are: 1) Voluntary work Partaking in an unpaid job, similar to the role...

17th September 2013

How to… Know where to look.

There are a host of places where you can search for available jobs, including newspapers, websites, recruitment agencies and many more. It is important however that you cast your net as wide as possible so that no suitable jobs slip past you. Do not limit yourself to one form of job searching. Below are some...

17th September 2013

How to… Write A Great CV

The CV is your first knock on the door – it’s your document  and is therefore the one aspect of the recruitment process of which you have full control over.  Be as positive and relevant as possible as recruiters are busy people. Before you begin the process of writing your CV, be aware of some...

17th September 2013

How to … make a recruitment plan

Make Plans For A Smooth Career Path You’re all fired up and  rarin’ to go. But then it hits you … what’s the best way to start looking for either that first job, or your next job? The world of employment can be a confusing place, so the best thing is to make a plan and...

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