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Completing a job application form

Some employers prefer job seekers to apply for a job via an application form, as opposed to sending a CV. Application forms are generally very specific to each job and company and are designed for you to show that you have all the requirements for the job for which you are applying.

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Top 10 CV Tips

Check out our expert tips for CV writing

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Enhance your CV Content

To boost your CV and employability, it is important that you take the correct steps to fill any gaps you have in skills and qualifications within your CV. Some effective ways to address this are: 1) Voluntary work Partaking in an unpaid job, similar to the role you are seeking, is a great way to...

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Writing good content for your CV

The single most important part of your CV is the content contained within your career history section; this information should pertain to your actual achievements that serve to highlight why you should actually be a contender for the position in question.

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Writing a CV – the basics

A CV is your document – it is the one aspect of the recruitment process of which you have full control over. It therefore should present you in the most positive manner and make you as relevant as possible for the job in question.

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What is a CV?

The term ‘Curriculum Vitae (CV for short) is short for a Latin term which means “the story of your life”. It is a short list of facts about you, your skills, qualifications, experience and career history.

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