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Enhance your CV content

2nd November 2019

To boost your CV and employability, it is important that you take the correct steps to fill any gaps you have in skills and qualifications within your CV. Some effective ways to enhance your CV content are:

1) Voluntary work

Partaking in an unpaid job, similar to the role you are seeking, is a great way to gain hands on experience for the ultimate position you wish to land. It provides you with the experience you are lacking and will allow you to showcase what you are capable of to future employers.

Voluntary work can be gained from work placements, internships or by contacting companies directly.

2) Additional training and qualifications

Why not take up some new training or study for new qualifications? This is not only ideal for those looking to change career paths, but also for those job seekers who wish to know more and gain the ability to do more in their chosen field. Additional training and qualifications prove to potential employers that you are someone who strives to broaden their knowledge base and capabilities. Showing ambition, drive and commitment.

3) Get involved in company-wide initiatives

If you are currently in employment, one easy way to add to your skill set and CV is to partake in company-wide projects. All too often we become specialists within our own jobs. If there are new projects being developed in your company, volunteer to work alongside other departments, to gain both broader knowledge of the projects at hand, but also to show how you work as part of a team.

4) Keep a record

Often when we come to creating a new CV, we have long forgotten all the achievements and successes we have gained over a period of time. For that reason it is useful to keep a record of your successes and achievements as and when they happen. Then when you do need to either create a new CV or update an existing one, all your key information is at hand and not buried in the depths of your memory.

Remember – new skills, qualifications and achievements give you more to say in your CV and at interview. It is all about standing out from the rest!

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