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How to make the most of a recruitment event

They can be a daunting experience as they will bring you face to face with your competition and potential future employers, but job fairs and recruitment events are full of opportunities.

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The Gap Year

The ‘gap year’ is becoming increasingly popular before, during and after university – particularly as a result of the recession. Many graduates are finding it difficult to get a job following graduation – mainly due to increased competition in the jobs marketplace, as well as a lack of hands-on experience on the job. Taking a...

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Getting the most out of Job Fairs

Job fairs can be daunting because they bring you face to face with your competition – all the other people soon to depart student life who’ll be sending out letters and CVs to employers and trying to get the same jobs you want. But with a number of employers in the same place at once...

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Still at University

What steps should you be taking when you are just about to leave University?

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