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How to make the most of a recruitment event

29th January 2020

They can be a daunting experience as they will bring you face to face with your competition and potential future employers, but job fairs and career / recruitment events are full of opportunities. They are full of potential to network, assess your situation and, ultimately, land a job you want.

One-to-one conversations with prospective employers mean the introductions made at such events can be invaluable as they help to identify employment opportunities, hone your interview skills and learn industry information.

The following hints and tips will help you make the most of your time at a recruitment event.

Be organised

Bring copies of your up to date CV along with a covering letter.


Research the companies you are interested in and would like to work for before attending the recruitment event, the more information you know about a particular company, the more you can discuss with the company representative. Take full advantage of this opportunity by knowing in advance who will be there and who you want to speak to.

Arrive early

You may need to wait to get in but then lines for each station should be shorter once you’re through the door.

First impressions

First impressions are lasting ones. The best thing you can do is to treat the recruitment event like a job interview. Dress for success in professional attire, with a confident attitude and be ready to answer questions.


Don’t be afraid to show initiative and introduce yourself to employers. Discuss your career objectives, strengths, interests, relevant skills, the kind of job you are seeking, why you want to work for their company and why you would be an asset. Be prepared to answer commonly asked interview questions and tailor them to the company’s needs. Make sure you leave the right impression by coming across as interested and enthusiastic.

Be positive and follow up after the recruitment event

Ask for business cards and follow up any conversations with an email thanking the relevant individuals for their advice and time.

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