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How to write a speculative job application

10th August 2020

Commonly used when looking for work, speculative job applications allow you to make contact with a company you would be interested in working for and asking whether they have a suitable job for you, despite the fact that they aren’t advertising a particular vacancy.

You should write a speculative job application if you are actively looking for a new job role, trying to find work experience or if you are thinking of making a career move.

There is always the risk that your application goes unanswered or you receive a rejection but do not let this put you off as it is also a strategy that puts you more in charge of your job search and allows you to uncover opportunities that might not have previously existed.

If you are planning to send out multiple speculative job applications, then you need to tailor each one to that specific company. When sending a speculative job application make sure to include your CV.

How to write a speculative job application by email

Explain yourself

Keep the subject line of your email short, but make sure it contains all relevant information at a glance – be clear in your intentions. The opening paragraph should make reference to why you are writing to the company. Start by outlining the type of role you would be interested in applying for.

Take it seriously

Devote as much time and care as you would to a job application. This is your chance for a direct route into a company and an opportunity to make contact with recruiters and other useful connections.

Do your research

Find out as much as you can about the company you are emailing. Use the information you find to explain what you could bring to the company or in the case of work experience, what you think you could learn. Write each email around the company and their needs and outline the reasons you would like to work for the company. Find out who is the best person to write to and contact them directly.

Sell yourself

Make it clear why someone should want to meet you. Do not brag but be enthusiastic and confident. Give examples of work-related successes and explain how you achieved them. You should include details of your relevant transferable skills, your work experience and why you would be a good fit for the company. Explain how your existing skills and experience could be of benefit to the firm.

Contact details

Make your you provide accurate and up-to-date contact details so the company can get in touch with you.

Proof read

As with any job application check and double check your email before sending. You want to appear professional and conscientious, mistakes will mark you out as sloppy. It is advisable to ask someone else to read it through for you – two sets of eyes are better than one.

End on a high note

Sign your email off in a positive manner. You could say ‘I look forward to hearing from you soon’ or be assertive and explain that you will follow up on the email with a phone call in a few weeks’ time.

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