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5 ways to boost your CV

17th October 2019

Does your CV need a refresh? Do you need tips on how to enhance your CV? In this article, we explore the simple ways to boost your CV.

It doesn’t matter how comfortable and settled you are in your current job, it’s good practice to keep your CV up to date and relevant. We recommend updating your CV at least once every six months and documenting achievements as they happen to ensure you don’t forget them. It’ll also be less time consuming when you find yourself job hunting or wishing to apply for a new job in the future.

How to boost your CV – 5 simple ways:

  1. Add voluntary work to your CV
  2. Get involved in company-wide projects
  3. Complete additional training and qualifications
  4. Make sure it’s tidy
  5. Keep a record

Volunteering can help enhance your CV

Voluntary work can help boost your chances of getting your dream job in a particular industry. Getting a voluntary job, in a similar role to what you’re seeking, will help you gain that all-important hands-on experience to help you land the job of your dreams. It’ll also provide you with experience and show future employers that you’re capable of undertaking the role.

Should you get involved in company-wide projects?

Yes! A simple way to add a new skill to your CV is to take part in company-wide projects. Are there any new projects being developed? Why not volunteer to work alongside other teams to gain a broader knowledge of the projects. This will show that you’re a real team player.

Complete additional training and qualifications

This isn’t just for those who are wishing to change careers, but also for those who’d like to know more and do more in their chosen field. You may or may not be able to do this during your normal working hours, but it will show potential employers that you are determined to broaden your knowledge base and capabilities and that you are driven, ambitious and committed.

Tidy your CV up

You may be updating your CV every so often, but you must keep it to two pages or less. Get employers engaged immediately with a personal statement that has the wow factor and shows why you are suited to the role you are applying for. It’s vital to tailor your CV to each position.

Remember to keep a record of your progress

Get into the habit of revisiting and updating your CV every 6-12 months. Make notes on any promotions, projects completed and new skills as this will make it easier when your refreshing your CV in the future.

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