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What not to include in your CV

10th April 2020

To get through to the next stage in the recruitment process your CV needs to be spotless. We’re counting down the top ten things you should never include in your CV.

What not to include in your CV

  1. Irrelevant personal information like your date of birth, nationality or marital status.

  2. Spelling errors, bad punctuation and poor grammar. There’s plenty of online tools out there to help you with this. Remember to proofread your CV!

  3. Irrelevant work experience. Tailor your CV to each job you apply for.

  4. Unexplained gaps in your employment history. This is sure to raise some eyebrows. If there are gaps in your employment history, briefly explain why.

  5. Formatting errors. Keep your CV simple, choose a professional font, set out your CV in a logical order and use bullet points where possible.

  6. Social media accounts. The exception here is that you can include the link to your LinkedIn profile if it’s up to date!

  7. Salary information. Don’t list your current salary or the salary you’d like to earn. You can discuss this at a later stage.

  8. Annoying buzzwords as these are off-putting to employers.

  9. Too much information. Keep your CV to the point and avoid writing more than two pages.

  10. This should be obvious, but don’t include misleading information or lies. You’ll probably be found out as most employers conduct background checks.

So, that’s it, the ten things to avoid when writing your CV. More advice can be found in the advice area on nijobfinder.

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