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How To Write A Sales Assistant Cover Letter

11th May 2022

Writing a great sales assistant cover letter is the first step to getting the job. Part of a sales assistant’s job description involves engaging with people and providing exceptional customer service. To land a job as a sales assistant job in Northern Ireland, you need to display your outgoing personality and energy in your cover letter.

Remarkably most  candidates don’t write a proper sales assistant cover letter, which could explain why they don’t get an interview.

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Let’s get started:

  • Top tips on how to write a Sales Assistant Cover Letter 
  • How to write a Sales Assistant Cover Letter with no experience?
  • Sales Assistant Cover Letter Template


Bespoke Cover Letters

Even though it is easier to send the same cover letter with every job application it you should be more successful if you tailor each one to the job and company.   Recruiters can easily spot a generic cover letter especially if yours starts with: “Dear hiring manager, I am excited about the sales assistant job at your company,” they want to see you try a little bit harder to capture their interest.

There’s no issue in using a template like the example below, but you need to change it to suit each particular job. For example, a grocery sales assistant cover letter should include details of any experience you have in that specific industry. You can go on to say “I have experience with merchandising shelves, working on busy tills and showing customers where goods are displayed.”

What to include in a cover letter?

A cover letter should highlight your skills, and relevant experience gained in past roles.

Include the Hiring Manager’s Name

You should avoid generic salutations such as ‘Dear Sir/Madam’ and ‘To Whom it May Concern’. Check the company website and LinkedIn to see if you can find the name of the person who will read your letter. If nothing else, use something a little more specific such as ‘Sales Assistant Hiring Manager.’ Not ideal but preferable to a generic option.

Draw Attention to the Cover Letter Immediately

As well as including your name again (it is already on your sales assistant CV), add the title of the role you’re applying for.  A simple “I would like to apply for the sales assistant vacancy at Passion 4 Fashion” is sufficient.

You could go the extra mile and write a first sentence that outlines your positivity at applying at that specific company, passion for your work, and/or previous accomplishments.

Don’t Repeat Your CV

There is no point in repeating the information in your CV . A cover letter for CV must be relatively short, 3-4 paragraphs maximum, so use it as an opportunity to discuss what isn’t in your CV. Here’s a three-step guide to avoid falling into that trap:

  1. What details did you include on your CV about your responsibilities in your most recent job?
  2. Then think about what else you would like to add to this story.
  3. Lastly you can use the cover letter to demonstrate your passion, work ethic and relevant successes in your life.
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Start your cover letter with who you are, what school you go to, the job role you are applying for, and why you are applying. The key to writing a good second paragraph is to highlight the keywords in the job description. Include these ‘buzzwords’ when outlining your list of skills. This ensures that the things you mention are linked to the job opening.

In the final paragraph, describe your personal traits and outline how they are a great fit for the job opening and the company – for example if you are methodical, a team player or outgoing. It is a good idea to provide a short yet specific example of how you used each skill practically include examples of how you used these skills in school or via hobbies or after school activities or clubs. Include your contact details.


When applying for a retail sales assistant position, it pays to follow the standard cover letter outline:

  • Relevant contact information
  • The name of the hiring manager/likely reader
  • A greeting
  • An attention-grabbing opening statement
  • A paragraph on the value you’ll bring to the company
  • A paragraph on why this retail job is ideal for you
  • A concluding paragraph
  • A sign-off statement along with your name
  • A P.S.


Here is what a cover letter for a sales or retail assistant looks like in practice. We have given you a cover letter examples UK. The first template is a cover letter for a job for individuals with little experience; the second is more suitable for someone with a few years in retail under their belt.

  • Sales Assistant Cover Letter with no Experience Template
  • Retail Sales Assistant Cover Letter Sample

Above you can download either Sales Assistant cover letter template and adapt it to your profile. Below, you can find the full transcription of a cover letter for someone with previous experience.

Dear Mr Jones

I am excited to apply for the fashion sales assistant position at Passion 4 Fashion. If you are seeking a customer-orientated, experienced, and personable professional to join your team, please review and consider this letter and my enclosed CV. I have nine years of retail sales experience in a variety of stores. In my current position as a Sales Assistant at Trendz boutique, I offer customer service to all customers, including suggesting suitable purchases and answering their queries. I also complete customer transactions at the checkout.

I am familiar with almost every aspect of the retail industry, including merchandising and taking inventory. My expertise lies in identifying the needs of customers, recommending the right products, and organizing stock levels. My friendly personality ensures that customers always feel at ease, and is one of the reasons for my regularly high monthly sales. As well as being detail-orientated and creative, I enjoy assisting customers when it comes to creating ensembles for special occasions. In past employee reviews, my exceptional people skills have been praised.

Highlights of my career as a sales assistant to date include the following:

  • Helping Trendz Boutique increase its sales revenue by 25% after being there for within three months of my arrival. I developed an innovative visual merchandising initiative which led to a swift rise in the sale of men’s clothing.
  • A proven track record in building and sustaining long-term relationships with customers, including an extremely high customer loyalty rate.
  • I am in the process of studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing at Queen’s University Belfast.
  • Excelled in all previous retail positions at Adamson Apparel, Smith’s Drapery, and Loughlin’s, where I consistently garnered praise from management, customers, and colleagues.

I am confident that if I receive an interview for this position, you will discover that I am the best candidate. I welcome the opportunity for a face-to-face meeting at a time that suits you because I am flexible. I look forward to discussing this position further, and thanks for your consideration.

Yours Sincerely,

Amy Anderson

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