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What is a CV?

12th October 2017

The term ‘Curriculum Vitae (CV for short) is short for a Latin term which means “the story of your life”. It is a short list of facts about you, your skills, qualifications, experience and career history. When looking for a new job, is it essential that you spend time creating a good quality CV, as this will not only form the basis of many of your applications, but it is also a useful tool for understanding your key strengths and skills when completing applications or applying via telephone.

Think of it as your own personal marketing tool that provides you with the chance to sell yourself to any potential future employers. Be sure to highlight all your key achievements and successes to place create the best possible chance of securing that all important interview.

CVs are also commonly used to set the agenda for an interview. It is therefore very important that you study your CV and know the facts in detail, as you may be questioned on the contents.

When to use a CV?

A CV is typically used in the following scenarios:

  • A job advert specifically requests that applications are made via CV
  • A job advert requests that you apply in writing
  • You wish to make speculative approaches to companies
  • In all three scenarios, you should send the employer your CV together with a covering letter.

Sending a CV

A CV can be sent either by post or email. It is important however when applying for a specific job to send your CV via the method outlined in the job advert. It is also essential that your CV is accompanied by a covering letter – on every occasion in which you are sending. Your covering letter should be unique to each job application and should be tailored towards the company and job being applied for.

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