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Job hunting during the Coronavirus crisis

4th January 2021

Finding your ideal job can be tough especially now during the Coronavirus crisis. The following advice offers practical tips to help you when job hunting at home in 2021.

Tips for job hunting in 2021

Get your CV ready

First things first – get your CV ready. It is essential that you take your time to create a high-quality CV as this forms the basis of your job application and it is the first chance you get to wow employers. Your CV should highlight your key strengths, skills and work experience. You can find everything from how to structure your CV to what should be included in your CV, CV templates and more in nijobfinder’s complete guide to writing a CV.

Sign up to job websites

Job boards, such as nijobfinder, are essential platforms to use when looking for your next career move. When you sign up to nijobfinder you can create your CV using their CV template or upload your own, set up job alerts to receive email notifications in the sector relevant to you, set reminders to apply for the jobs you want, quickly apply to jobs from all of your devices and track your job applications all in one place. With thousands of jobs on site at any one time, nijobfinder makes it easy to find your next role.

Try social networking

Traditional ways of networking such as attending events, fairs and exhibitions are out the window at the moment, so it is time to turn to social networks. The key player here is LinkedIn. If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, set one up! LinkedIn is invaluable when it comes to using social media to job hunt. Make sure your profile is up to date and connect with as many people as possible. Join groups related to the industry you are in, share content in your feed that supports what you do or would like to do and invite people to connect with you who work at the companies you are interested in.  

Contact agencies

Agencies can be helpful in securing you the right role. They match people with companies daily, they are well-connected with widespread contacts and offer job seekers access to a range of employers. They can put you forward for a range of vacancies and if you are unsuccessful the agency will usually provide constructive feedback. Do not rely solely on agencies though – try applying speculatively to companies that you would like to work for too.

Be prepared for remote job interviews

Face-to-face interviews are on hold due to the current restrictions, so it is time to prepare yourself for remote job interviews. You will likely have to do the first few interviews remotely, usually this will mean video calls with the recruiter or recruitment team. Find out how you can ace a remote job interview using tips from nijobfinder.

More advice on working from home during the Coronavirus crisis can be found in nijobfinder’s career advice area.

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