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Tips for working from home

20th March 2020

Working from home is becoming increasingly widespread especially since the Coronavirus outbreak.

Some of you may love the idea of working remotely whilst others dread working from home and the distractions this may bring. Following these simple tips will help you get the most out of working remotely.

Working from home – top tips

Create your very own home office

Find an ideal space and turn it into your very own home office. Whether that’s setting up a desk in a spare room or taking over the dining table in your kitchen, pick a spot that’s filled with natural light, has a flat surface you can work off and a supportive chair to sit on.

Keep to a routine

You may not have to get up extra early for the long commute into the office, but it’s best to still get up in good time. Don’t get up 5 minutes before you’re meant to start work. Make sure you have time to shower, dress and eat breakfast as usual. We recommend having a set time to get up each morning. Don’t sit in your pyjamas all day just because you can, you’ll be more productive if you get dressed and you’ll also be set if a colleague video calls you.

Be at your home office for your normal start time. Try not to start work early or work late – maintaining a schedule is key.

Set house rules

Is your partner also working from home? Are the kids off school? Set some ground rules with the other people in your home and set clear boundaries to keep distractions at a minimum when you’re working.

Keep in touch with colleagues

You may get lonely in your house all day so don’t be afraid to reach out to colleagues. Try sending instant messages using Microsoft Teams or Skype. It’s important to keep in touch with co-workers so check in regularly via email or a video call. Staying in touch will also show your colleagues that you are indeed ‘working’ from home. Set up regular check-ins with your team too.

Take breaks

Breaks are vital when working from home. Taking short breaks can increase productivity. Avoid eating your lunch in front of your laptop, turn off the screens, recharge and spend time with others who are in the house. A good work-life balance will make working from home easier.

Leave your home

Avoid staying in the house all day (if you can). Try not to stay cooped up all day, even if it’s just heading to your back garden for some fresh air.

Stay active

Go for a short walk around your neighbourhood at lunch (if it’s quiet), do a virtual gym glass in the morning or go for a run after work. Whatever exercise you enjoy doing, make time for it when working from home. Staying active and exercising is also beneficial for your mental health and wellbeing.

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