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How to accelerate your career

22nd May 2020

Whether you are looking to progress in your current role, get promoted or make a career change there are ways to ensure you are not overlooked for opportunities. Here is how you can accelerate your career.

Tips to accelerate your career

Speak up

Make your commitment to the company clear and express an interest in moving forward in your current role. Ask for more responsibility, take an interest in the training and development of new recruits, be punctual and take an interest in the business.


Strengthen existing work relationships and try to make new contacts. Networking will help you hear about future job vacancies within your own company and further afield. If you have not set up a profile on LinkedIn, now is the time.

Step back to go forward

It may be necessary to change jobs in order to move to a company with more promotion prospects. This may mean taking a pay cut or a demotion. However, if the company has a fast-track management scheme then you should view this as a temporary and necessary step.

Have a plan

A career goal helps you to stay focused and motivated. It will also help you plan and evaluate what steps you need to take to achieve your goal. Have a written career plan and a time schedule to work to. Review your career goals annually and do not be afraid to aim high.


Assess your skills and consider if extra qualifications would help you achieve that promotion. It may be worth brushing up on IT skills, learning a foreign language or taking a first aid course. Think about what would make you more employable and increase pay prospects.

Move out of your comfort zone

This could be related either to work or your personal life but pushing yourself will help both your ability to focus and your feelings of self-worth. Whether you decide to train for a marathon or volunteer in your free time you will reap the rewards of donating your time to a worthwhile activity.

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