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Make a plan and be prepared

12th October 2017

Beginning the search for a new job can be daunting, however with the right preparation and a sound plan in place, the journey to that new job should be much smoother.

Before you begin the search, consider the following:

Understand and review your skills

We gain many new skills throughout our working lives, which are often forgotten. However it is often these skills that will set you apart from other jobseekers. Begin by drawing up a list of all the skills you have acquired to date and make a note of all qualifications and training you have gained. Analyse the tasks and jobs you conducted in any current and previous employment to create a list of your skills and abilities.

Assess the type of job you would like

Having an understanding of your skills and talents will provide you with a clearer picture on the types of jobs you are most suited for. It is important not to simply apply for every job going, but rather seek out those jobs for which you are ideally suited and for which you are qualified to do.

Try and define and develop a short list of suitable jobs. Consider the following:

what job roles are you interested and qualified to do?
what sector would you like to work in?
what type of company would you like to work for?
what level of salary do you seek?
how far are you willing to travel for employment?

Create a CV

It is beneficial to create a CV before you embark upon a job search. The creation of a CV at this point in the process puts you in the mindset of highlighting your skills, qualifications and promoting your competencies. Time spent at this stage doing the groundwork, could save you much time later.

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