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How to find your ideal job

14th February 2020

Whether you are looking for a new career opportunity or thinking about a complete career change, nijobfinder have got you covered. nijobfinder’s top tips will give you a head start when it comes to finding your ideal job in 2020.

Tips to find your ideal job

List your options

As a starting point, make a list. Evaluate your skills and strengths, list your career options and specific job roles that interest you. Perhaps you are thinking about going back to study? Write it all down. Once your list is complete you can then narrow down your career goals and which path you need to take to achieve them.

Keep your CV up to date

The most important thing when looking for a new job is to ensure you have an up to date CV and LinkedIn profile, as this is often the first thing that new employers will go to. Top tip – if you are making changes to your LinkedIn profile, you may wish to turn off notifications so that your current colleagues and employer won’t see the updates being added.

Create multiple CVs and cover letters

Once you have mastered your CV, use it as a template for creating multiple CVs, each one specifically tailored to the different jobs you are looking at. Not all job descriptions and person specifications will be the same, so be sure to tailor your CV for every job role you are applying for. Create a standout CV with nijobfinder’s not to be missed tips.

Create your nijobfinder account

Take the hassle out of looking for a new job by setting up alerts for your industry. Create a nijobfinder account and set up your job seeker profile. Not only can you save job searches and get email notifications of jobs, you can also manage your CV and any applications through here.

Set up job alerts

Now that you have created your own account, be sure to set up job alerts for your industry and the type of jobs you are after. If you have a company or sector in mind, we will email you when something comes up. nijobfinder’s email alerts makes it easy to find your dream job.

Grow your network

Maintain and grow your professional and business network through connections and introductions. You never know when these people will come in handy in the future for recommending you for your next job or endorsing your skills.

Think before you post

Be very careful with what you post on your social media channels. Employers will often look to channels like Facebook and Twitter to try and get first impressions. Either set your accounts to private or think very carefully before sharing.

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