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29th Jan 2013

How To Excel... At Telephone Interviews

MANY recruiters use telephone interviews as the first step of the interview process. They are particularly common for jobs abroad as they are an inexpensive and quick way for companies to screen candidates.


Be Prepared

Read up on interview questions and think how you would answer them. Research the company as you would for a normal face-to-face interview. Think of questions you might want to ask.

Know where and when you want the interview to take place. If you share a house with others make sure there will be no unwanted interruptions or distractions. If you plan to use your mobile phone make sure it is well charged.

Have some concise, clearly written notes in front of you for reference.

Although you can't be seen some people may find dressing smartly for a phone interview helps to get in the zone and create feelings of confidence and professionalism.

Speak Clearly
Keep a glass of water handy and speak in a clear, confident voice. Try to avoid speaking quickly and do not use slang words. You are aiming to sound enthusiastic and friendly. Try to avoid long silences, if you need a few moments to think about an answer explain this to your interviewer. You don’t want them thinking you’ve hung up!

Ultimately you are trying to convince a potential employer to want to meet with you.


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