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22nd Jan 2013

How To... Choose The Right Career Path

WHETHER you are a student or graduate just starting out on your career path or you are contemplating a change of job for the New Year it is important to consider what area of work you would be best suited to.

Everyone wants work satisfaction but to achieve this you should choose a career area that complements your personality.

Consider your character traits and what motivates you:

If you are a sporty, active type then chances are you would not be happy sitting behind a desk all day.

Possible jobs for sporty types include: PE teacher, sports therapist or personal trainer.

Do you find logic in numbers and enjoy finding practical solutions?

Possible jobs for analytical types include: bank manager or accountant.

Are you a practical person that enjoys making or fixing things?

Possible jobs you might consider include: a builder, chef or plumber.


Do you enjoy new challenges and continuous learning?

Possible jobs for academic types include: solicitor, teacher or scientist.

Do you enjoy a varied routine and expressing yourself through your work?

Creative careers include: journalism, marketing, fashion or music.

Are you a caring person that takes satisfaction from helping others?

Careers for caring personalities include: nursing, social worker or charity worker.


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