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23rd Nov 2012

How To Be A... Hairdresser

HAIRDRESSING has always been a popular career choice both with school leavers and as a second career.

Sharon Malcolm of  Sharon Malcolm Hairdressing, Newtownards talks through her route into the profession and offers advice for anyone considering hairdressing as a career.

She says: “First and foremost, hairdressers in the making need to have a passion for the hair and beauty industry…you need to love what you do and be interested in creating new hairstyles and working with people.

“I got the hairdressing bug at a very young age and knew that it’s what I wanted to be. There’s no better training than in a salon to kick start a career in the hairdressing world. Like in most professions you need to work your way up so aim to secure a position in a local salon as a ‘Saturday girl or guy’, this will deliver excellent grounding and training in the basics, as well as first-hand exposure into ‘salon life’.

“Qualifications are important as these hone your skills and there are many excellent courses available now in colleges across Northern Ireland, such as through The Academy Hair and Beauty Training School in Belfast. This training provides a combination of the practical skills and knowledge that’s required for the job, alongside the experience of working in a salon as a trainee.

“Once you’re qualified as a hairdresser, the learning doesn’t stop here. To be an outstanding hairdresser you need to need to develop excellent interpersonal skills as success is 50% what you do with a pair of scissors, and 50% is everything else. This includes honing excellent client relationships, working well as a team member, being enthusiastic and a great listener, and also constantly being inspired by the hairdressing world and emerging trends.

“In addition, there’s always more to learn, and even after 29 years in the business, I regularly attend courses on advancements in the industry, new techniques and styling to stay ahead of the game.

“As a hairdresser, it’s my job to make clients look and feel fantastic. If this sounds like you, the best advice is to apply for a trainee position in a good salon, locate a training course and start on your path to becoming the next big name in hairdressing.”

For information on hairdressing courses, log onto - or for industry advice, contact Sharon Malcolm at


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