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30th Nov 2012

How to... Ask For A Pay Rise

Asking for a pay rise can be incredibly daunting. This is made worse by the current economic climate but if you feel you deserve a pay rise -and your company can afford it -then you should not feel guilty for asking. Although every circumstance will be different there are some basic rules that can help when asking for a pay rise.

Get Leverage

have something you can use as a negotiation tool. For example, another job offer or recent work success. This also makes it easier to introduce the topic of a pay rise.

Be realistic
can your boss afford to pay out more money? Have you been there long enough to qualify for an increase in pay?

Don't be afraid to ask

As the saying goes -'if you don't ask then you don't get'. Often employees can slip under the radar and it may not have even occurred to your boss to give a pay rise.

Pick the right time
choose a time when you have performed a particular task well or achieved good results. Arrange a meeting with the boss so you can talk to them at a convenient time and without interruption.

Know your worth
what do other people working the same role in other companies earn?Do a bit of research and look at job ads to see what other employers are offering. If you were to leave your job what wage would your boss have to offer a new recruit? It also helps if you have an idea of the pay scale in your company – what do the managers and supervisors earn?

Build a case
how long have you been with the company? When was your last pay increase? What notable successes have you had? Knowing these facts and figures can only help your cause.
Be prepared for the fact that the answer may be no. Don't take it personally, a reasonable employer will explain their decision and at least now you have brought the case to their attention.


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