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NI Public Services Ombudsman

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NI Public Services Ombudsman

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NIPSO – Organisational Profile

The Office of the Northern Ireland Public Services Ombudsman (NIPSO) is publicly funded but operates independently from all other public bodies in Northern Ireland. Headed by the Ombudsman (Marie Anderson) the Office employs approximately 45 staff and is based in central Belfast.

NIPSO’s stated purpose is ‘To serve the public and improve public services by independently and impartially investigating complaints and holding to account’.

The Ombudsman’s role in relation to complaints about public services is to impartially and independently investigate complaints of maladministration made about Government Departments and their agencies, local Councils, health and social care, education and other public service providers. The Ombudsman is also responsible for the investigation of complaints of maladministration about the judicial appointments process. She reports to the Northern Ireland Assembly on the performance of her Office.

The Ombudsman’s remit also extends to the investigation and adjudication of complaints of alleged breaches of the Northern Ireland Local Government Code of Conduct (‘the Code’) in her distinct role as Northern Ireland Local Government Commissioner for Standards.

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