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Team Leader

SALARY: £22,000 – £25000 pro rota
REPORTING TO: Practice Manager
CONTRACT: Permanent
HOURS: 30 hours per week


The Team Leader is responsible for overseeing the administration of the practice ensuring staff achieve their primary responsibilities.

To work as a team to ensure the smooth running of the reception area, at all times observing the rights of patients, as set out in the Health and Social Care Board charter for patients and clients.

Duties and Responsibilities

Office Management

  • To deliver an excellent standard of administrative support to the wider practice team
  • Resolve day-to-day operational and administrative issues - assist reception staff in their daily tasks when difficulties arise
  • To deliver and maintain a high level of customer care in all aspects of patient contact and to ensure that patients are welcomed in a polite and friendly manner by all colleagues
  • To ensure that telephone calls are managed effectively and calls are answered in a timely manner throughout the day
  • To provide other administrative support to include scanning, filing, photocopying and emailing.
  • Report on office management via regular meetings with practice manager
  • Represent management goals and ideals within the reception area
  • Coordinate changes advised by partners and practice manager
  • Active participation and acting as cover on all reception areas to ensure the smooth running of the reception area
  • Establish effective relationships between reception staff and community services to secure channels of effective communication.
  • Maintain an awareness of the principles of equity and effectiveness for competing demands for resources within the practice.
  • Maintain an awareness of the need for emergency and disaster planning ensuring all staff are aware of electricity and water cut-off points; panic buttons; fire keys etc.
  • Understanding of the Business Continuity Plan and how to implement. Participation in planning, review and ongoing maintenance of the plan
  • Maintain awareness of community resources and disseminate this and all other relevant information to patients. Participate in production/updating of patient materials as directed by partners or practice manager. Ensure electronic and other notice boards/website are up to date at all times with relevant material.
  • Ensure practice notices are accurate and visibly tidy and laminated when appropriate.

Staff Management

  • Ensure you are aware and understand all practice policies and procedures relating to staff and their importance.
  • Supervision of reception staff in their day to day duties acting as a point of contact for all general reception queries
  • Ensure staff act in a professional manner and promote dignity in the workplace
  • To support and report to management team in all aspects of managing the dynamic and pressurised environment of a reception team
  • First-line Supervisor to Reception staff, motivating team and identifying any skill gaps or training needs.
  • Ensure that staff arrive on time for morning and afternoon sessions
  • Speak to staff promptly and confidentially regarding any misdemeanours or actions that may requiring correction eg punctuality, minor problems with patients, or staff relationships
  • Absence management – participate in return to work meetings to manage staff absences
  • Act promptly to ensure minor grievances are dealt with promptly
  • Take responsibility for identifying poor performance in reception staff and inform practice manager. Participate in appraisal/mentoring/training processes to remedy
  • Participate in the staff appraisal process of reception staff
  • Discuss all other matters requiring possible disciplinary action with the practice manager
  • To deputise for the Practice Manager during periods of absence

Rota and Appointment Management

  • Staff rota - Prepares weekly staff rota and arrange absence cover as appropriate to ensure adequate staffing at all times.
  • Monitor and efficiently record annual leave requests for reception and nursing team.
  • Nurse rota – Add and check the weekly sessions arranging cover where necessary
  • To ensure effective management and utilisation of all practice appointments, ensuring that patients are signposted appropriately, dealing with associated enquiries that may arise

GP Rotas

  • Assist in drafting rota’s for GP’s. Maintain the rota accurately on Word and set up all surgeries on clinical system.
  • Ensure all GP’s on rota have a copy in advance.
  • Implement changes to surgeries as required by GP’s and advise GP’s if problems may be foreseen from any change. Monitor rota’s, reporting potential problems identified.
  • Employ GP locum’s when authorised by GP partner or practice manager.
  • Adhere strictly to the practice policy on employment of locum GP’s. Ensure up to date information locum is available on Docman which incorporates as current practice policies and procedures.

Patient Records and IT Management

  • Maintain full awareness of all policies and procedures in relation to Data Protection; Freedom of Information and access to patient’s records.
  • Co-ordinate filing of patient information to ensure that information is filed correctly
  • Maintain adequate systems for third party storage of information together with retrieval.
  • Co-ordinate the summarisation of new patients records within the QOF timescales and provide GP’s with other QOF information as required.
  • Maintain data entry systems to ensure accurate recording of information ensuring it can be retrieved easily using patient searches.
  • Co-ordinate staff to ensure patients leaving and requiring registration are recorded promptly and accurately.
  • Co-ordinate scanning and coding to ensure adequate resources are available to keep these functions up to date. Comply with, and monitor practice systems to ensure these systems are working effectively.
  • Report problem areas and notify practice manager immediately if any protocol is not working as designed. Participate in risk management in relation to patients records.
  • Ensure policies are adhered to in relation to death notifications.
  • Maintain full awareness of the practice Code of Connection policy and ensure all reception staff are aware of this policy and adhere to it at all times.
  • Check the practice manager e-mail daily in the absence of the practice manager and act on or distribute information from this account appropriately.
  • Act as a first point of contact for day- to-day problems relating to the EMIS medical system.
  • Ensure reception staff are aware of procedure for reporting and logging problems with systems.
  • Ensure faulty IT equipment is reported and replaced promptly.
  • Report problems as they occur regarding
  • Ensure the practice procedure relating to the back-up procedure is strictly adhered to at all times.

Data Protection/ Confidentiality

  • Ensure you are thoroughly familiar with the practice Data Protection Policy.
  • Participate in activities to safeguard confidentiality of practice clinical and non-clinical, I.T. and paper records.
  • Take responsibility for monitoring and training junior staff
  • Ensure all reception staff follow the practice confidentiality policy during their day to day activities
  • Ensure staff adherence to changing user and use of shredder policy at all times.
  • Ensure colleagues respect each other and patient confidentiality at all times.
  • Advise the practice manager on any breaches of confidentiality
  • Co-ordinate all documents requested by solicitors and other agencies ensuring that practice protocols in relation to Data protection and patient consent are adhered to at all times.

Prescription Management

  • Assist in the maintenance of the practice prescribing security policy.
  • Ensure repeat prescribing protocols are adhered to at all times.
  • Ensure ordering by chemists is allowed strictly in accordance with the procedures in place.
  • Ensure nursing home scripts are issued promptly in accordance with practice protocols.
  • Assist practice manager in resolving problem areas with chemists.
  • Spot check Prescribing Security Book to ensure prescriptions are being recorded properly.


  • Maintain/order adequate stationery and other relevant supplies in accordance with practice guidelines. Co-ordinate duties of other staff responsible monitoring and ordering stock. Ensure that all goods delivered are signed for and signed delivery notes are given to practice manager to support invoice payment.
  • Assist the practice manager/ GP’s in calculating, claiming, recording or reconciling financial information as required.
  • Prepare monthly payments due to locums/ other suppliers for authorisation and payment by practice manager.

Governance and Quality Improvement

  • Pro-active in monitoring and seeking out opportunities to improve administrative systems and procedures and assisting management to ensure any change is implemented efficiently and effectively and in agreement with Practice Manager and GP Partners
  • To oversee the implementation of administrative policies and procedures
  • To ensure staff compliance with existing procedures and protocols
  • To conduct and prepare clinic audits for GP’s and practice managers of the practice
  • Ensure all patient messages are recorded, delivered and actioned appropriately
  • Assist in the planning and production of organisational audits. Provide data for organisational audit as required

Complaint Management

  • Ensure you are aware of the practice procedure and information available for dealing with complaints.
  • Deal with any minor complaints e.g. waiting times etc. in a professional manner.
  • Ensure the practice manager is aware of all complaints of a more serious nature and where appropriate details are recorded in the incident book.
  • Ensure all clinical complaints and any formal complaints are brought to the attention of the practice manager or in their absence a GP partner immediately.
  • Provide patients with information about the practice procedure when required.
  • Assist staff with all complaints and take over the handling of complaints in reception if immediately necessary.
  • Maintain a first point of contact to resolve complaints not requiring immediate attention of the practice manager.
  • Ensure all reception staff are familiar with the practice policy and where information for patients wishing to instigate formal complaints can be obtained.
  • Ensure all formal complaints are brought to the attention of the practice manager or in their absence a GP partner immediately.


  • Coordinate, attend, chair and minute all reception staff meetings
  • Initiate suggested actions following meetings as agreed with practice manager
  • Ensure those absent from meetings are aware of outcome and any changes effected
  • Attend all practice meetings as advised
  • If unable to attend any meetings inform practice manager promptly.
  • Attend appraisal sessions as required.
  • Attend any occupational health meetings as required.
  • Implement action from partnership meetings as advised by the practice manager. Attend partnership meetings when requested.


  • Attend all training courses as required.
  • Inform the practice manager promptly if you are unable to attend a training session to ensure the place can be reallocated.
  • To assist management with the organising of training for reception and nursing team as required.
  • Participate in CPD development when required by the practice.

Patient Protection

  • Maintain awareness of patient protection e.g. child protection and adhere to the practice policy on patient protection guidelines and procedures.

Health & Safety, Fire Safety and Security

  • Ensure you are fully aware and compliant with the practice health and safety policy.
  • Advise and instruct staff on Health & Safety issues within the practice and the procedures in place to minimise risk. Assist in identification of potential workplace hazards and act to remove or reduce the risk immediately. Assist the practice manager in ensuring the necessary procedures are put in place to address these risks.
  • Participate in risk assessment process in relation to Health & Safety.
  • Ensure equipment faults are reported immediately and assist in maintaining the equipment maintenance register within the practice.
  • Ensure you are aware of the fire safety policy and operate fire safety procedures and system checks as outlined in the policy.
  • Assist in ensuring effective security at the practice at all times.
  • Make any changes necessary to practice systems following changes in personnel e.g. change of alarm code, door codes or returning of keys.
  • Ensure that policy in relation to allocating keys to staff is strictly adhered to.
  • Notify the practice manager/partners of any loss of cash or equipment from the practice.
  • Assist in reporting any loss of cash or equipment to the police when appropriate.
  • To secure premises and act as a key fob holder, maintain a code to the alarm system. Lock up and put alarm on in the evening if required.
  • Ensure lock up procedures are adhered to
  • Assist in the maintenance of the practice prescribing security policy
  • To operate and be familiar with Security, Emergency and Alarm Procedures including

a. Dealing with a medical emergency

b. Operating the panic alarm

c. Testing and operating the fire alarm

d. Setting / Deactivating premises burglar alarm

e. External and Internal Door Security locks

Significant Event Analysis

  • Participate in SEA systems and contribute to audit of events where appropriate.
  • Assist junior staff with identifying Significant Events and ensuring they are recorded in accordance with the SEA policy.

Infection control

  • Take an active role in infection control within the practice.
  • Ensure cleaning is performed on a regular basis and the cleaning company provide the necessary cover for the cleaner when absent through holidays or sickness.
  • Report cleaning/maintenance problems immediately to the practice manager.
  • Coordinate cover for the cleaner outside their normal hours or when absent through holidays or sickness.
  • Keep own working area clean and tidy.
  • Ensure waiting areas are kept clean and tidy.
  • Ensure entrance to the practice is clean and tidy.
  • Ensure kitchen area is maintained to a high standard and food taken to the surgery is stored properly in accordance with practice policy and disposed of when not needed or out of date. Ensure this area is left tidy after use and that staff take responsibility for cleaning up any accidental spillages you may have.
  • Coordinate rota duties to include basic kitchen clear up and tidy.
  • Ensures garage area is maintained and waste is not allowed to build up in this area.
  • Ensure all areas of practice are regularly maintained to a high standard by the cleaner.


  • Ensure that all goods delivered are signed for and signed delivery notes are given to practice manager to support invoice payment.
  • To manage and monitor ordering of stock required for practice
  • To assist management with the identification, requisitioning and receipt of stationary and other medical consumables.


  • Reports any faults or problems with equipment to the Practice Manager. Assist in resolving faults via logging calls and assisting in the sourcing of replacement equipment where necessary
  • Conduct maintenance checklists for equipment.


Any other duties and responsibilities that may be deemed necessary in the ongoing development of the Practice including taking responsibility for the Practice Manager’s duties in their absence. General Practice is an environment, which is constantly changing and evolving. This is sometimes due to everyday changes such as staff availability, or longer-term changes e.g. government legislation, pandemics or increased demand on NHS services for example which is obviously beyond our control. As a result it may be necessary to change from one task to another at a moment’s notice, when the need arises. We hope that by working as a team all changes will be as smooth and “pain-free” as possible.

All work should be carried out with a full understanding of Data Protection legislation and how it applies to patient records. The post holder must understand and adhere to the practice policy in relation to this to ensure confidentiality is observed at all times. All work must be undertaken to the highest quality standards and must always be completed with a high degree of accuracy.

The above list of duties is not intended to be exhaustive. Changes will be informed to staff on an on-going basis and this document updated on a regular basis by the practice manager.

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The Rowan Tree Family Medical Practice
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