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Reports to: Restaurant Manager/Assistant Manager/Supervisor

Purpose of Job:

There are many things that make up the finer points of a waiting job description but in general here is where you should expect to start. Your aim is to ensure all customers enjoy the food and Drink served to the highest standards in a pleasant, clean and safe environment.

General Serving Points

Taking Orders

You are responsible for taking the guests orders, keeping them organised, and timing the course of service for your guests. You are also responsible to make sure that you are not just an order taker, but that you are well versed in the products so you can guide your guests experience and sell.

Keeping a Spotless Working Environment

Always make sure your section is well maintained with clean and polished silverware and glasses. The tables are well organised. Chairs brushed off and flooring swept or vacuumed.

Anticipate your guest needs

If you clear a plate with a needed utensil on it make sure you replace the utensil right away. This also is true if an item will be needed; pre-set any such utensils before your guest needs it (such as a soup spoon). Your server job description keeps you on top of every guest need.

Staying in Your Section

Always stay in view of your section, it is not the host/hostesses responsibility to come and get you when you have a table they have a job to do and it is not looking all over the Restaurant for you.

Know Your Additions

This is your job and product knowledge is essential. You should be able to tell the customer where every ingredient is sourced from and from which supplier. This is also the case with the wine, grape variety and country of origin should be known.

Service Standards are Part of Your Server Job Description

Major Goals

Our ideal is polite, professional, fast, and courteous service. The level of professionalism expected is high. As part of the waiting staff, your section is entirely your responsibility, Restaurant-the bar, the phone, the pass etc. This isn’t to say you will have every table to yourself, but if a task were set for you by the restaurant, its responsibilities would be innumerable from polishing glasses, pouring water and wine, serving tables and resetting tables etc. All of these and more, define our teamwork and attitude. Your ATTITUDE and how you fit into our team is essential. With that in mind, the Restaurant is your house and the guests are your guests. Treat them with respect, and you will receive the same in return. While the responsibility of assuring great service to the entire Restaurant is big, with teamwork it becomes easy and flowing. Reservations must be taken according to our guidelines and booking policies.

Super Customer Satisfaction

Above all else remember that you are here to serve your guests needs and everything about your job description is about this. All else should be put aside when pleasing your customer comes into play. They are the only reason you have a job at all so keeping that job is completely dependent on pleasing your guests!

Think AHEAD!

The best ally is yourself thinking ahead, as your worst enemy is yourself not thinking. Anticipate your guest needs. Communicate to your team. If you see yourself or anyone with a need, prepare each other by arming each other with that information. Forewarned is forearmed. They have the same job description so they should be ready to help you too.

The Greeting

The greeting of a new table is a critical point in your job description. Greeting your guests quickly is essential. If you cannot get it there right away, communicate to another team member “greet table 7 for me please” Now take this time to greet your guest in a friendly, polite manner. This will enable you to identify yourself with the table and what they know and expect. Now is the time for your knowledge and pride in (your Restaurant) to shine through. Take control of the table from start. If it is a return experience give a shorter direction through the menu pared with questioning the guest on their last visit and current appetite. This will encourage a friendly dialogue, and allow you to further assume control, and direct the pace of the table. “Reading” the guest will come in time and exceptions will arise. Some want to get in-and-out, while others will stay and relax. Questions give you the information you need. Communication again is the key.

Look, Think and DO!

If you ever feel a problem arising, notify a manager. The manager wants to hear both the good and the bad feedback. When the food is served, ask specific questions about each dish. This will allow for more guest feedback. Remember, (your Restaurant) is possibly a new experience for your guest and we need to know not only what you think, but what our guest is thinking. Through the course of dinner make sure you are keeping all unused plates and empty glasses off the table. The rule here is; if it looks like an eye sore to you, then it is for the guest as well. Just look and think!

Help where you can

Teamwork is part of your job description so help where you can. Try to keep your feet moving and your hands full. During your normal travels to and from the bar and kitchen you go through your neighbours section so keep your eyes open for areas where you can help and they will do the same.

The Bill

After all the plates are cleared offer the guest coffee or possibly an after-dinner drink. If nothing is desired, and the guests request the Bill, present promptly. This is the time that a great meal can turn good if our guest’s last impression is having to wait for a Bill, however does not mean you cannot offer another drink as part of your job description is to sell and every opportunity is a sale. Some guest may “lolly-gag” for an hour but when they are ready to pay, they are ready now! If the customer is paying by credit card, thank them by stating the last name on the card when returning their card with the receipt.

Applicants should have 2-3 years experience in a similar role.

Interested applicants please submit your CV via clicking APPLY NOW

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Permanent Full-Time
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Hotel & Catering, Security, Trades & General
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Waiter/Waitress, Restaurant, Waiting Staff
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2-3 yrs
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Ginza Restaurant
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Ginza Restaurant

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