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Claire Carson

Claire Carson Deli Manager

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Lynsey Hughes

Client Support Executive

Lynsey got her career off to a flying start with InterTradeIreland’s all-island technology transfer programme FUSION. The programme partners SMEs with a high-calibre graduate and a third level institution for a 12 month period.

What does your job involve?

My daily routine can change from day to day. Typically I will be working with customers, analysing their business needs, designing business processes, and coding digital forms. Additionally, I'm involved in commissioning user and system software into the client's environment, as well as the delivery of training and support.

Tell us more about the company you work for?

InphoActive designs business processes combining digital pen, digital paper, and mobile technology to capture real-time hand written data, thereby dramatically decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies.

It's an exciting time for us at inphoActive, as we have recently secured a number of successful public sector contracts, where reducing costs and increasing efficiencies are key in the current economic climate.

How did you find it moving from being a graduate to an actual employee?

I actually didn't find the transition too difficult. With InterTradeIreland's FUSION project you are working full time on a project in an office environment with a residential for the Postgrad diploma in Dublin in between.

I was also lucky in that the job I was doing at the time of the FUSION project is very similar to what I am doing now.

What training and qualifications did you have or achieve as part of the programme?

As part of the FUSION programme, we gain a Post Grad Diploma in Management Practice from the Michael Smurfit Business School in UCD, which is a great qualification to have, and which taught me various essential business skills, particularly those skills needed in Project Management.

I was also lucky enough to get the opportunity to study for and become an accredited PRINCE 2 Practitioner, which is essential when working on projects in the Public Sector. Additionally I had the opportunity to develop my soft skills through sales presentations, hosting demonstrations, facilitating workshops, and delivering training programmes.

Who are your main clients and what do you do for them?

InphoActive's clients are in both the public sector and the private sector. They include health trusts, social services agencies, emergency services, and agriculture departments. We have dramatically reduced the costs and increased the speed and efficiencies in paper administration functions in these departments.

Our clients in the private sector are primarily in the service sector, where they need to capture and communicate in real-time documents relating to site visits, job sheets, sales leads, proof of delivery, and signature capture. Not only can we capture and send real-time hand-written documents using mobile phone technology, we can also attach photographs and images relating to the documents too.

Did you ever feel it was daunting being at the cutting edge of technological innovation?

I wouldn't say I found it daunting, but I do find it exciting. What we do is really cool and innovative ... but it has great business benefits too.

I love the fact that when I speak to someone and explain to them that I work for a digital pen and digital paper company they aren't aware of what this is.

Who has inspired you most in your career?

I think that my father inspired me from an early age, as he was an entrepreneur and started his own business when he was 20.

I always thought it would be such a leap of faith to take a risk like that at such a young age, and one which I admired. Apart from that I would say that no matter what the line of work is, anyone who works their hardest, tries their best, and strives to achieve their potential is inspirational.

What qualities do you have which helps you in your job?

I feel I am a highly motivated person who will always try to do my best in my job and perform to the best of my ability. I am also very organised, which helps when managing different projects throughout the day.

What do you do when you are out of the office?

I enjoy socialising with my friends and going to the gym.

I also love cooking for family and friends -- which can be hit or miss at times.

One of my favourite things is travelling and seeing as much of the world as possible. I am currently planning my next trip, which is to New Zealand and Australia in October. I can't wait to throw a boomerang or swim with Nemo in the Great Barrier Reef.

How do you find business life in Northern Ireland?

Although the general business climate and the economy is going through a difficult period at the minute, we at inphoActive are focused on helping clients reduce costs and hit higher efficiencies, so we're doing well.

On a personal level, although I'm relatively new to it, I feel I have made the transition into business life quite easily. Being involved in a small but growing innovative company is exciting, and the team at inphoActive are always supporting and encouraging.

I enjoy the clients and partner companies I work with too. I also feel comfortable in the business environment here, as there's a great buzz and energy around the Titanic Quarter and in our industry sector in general. It must be our youthful influence!

Where do you want to be in five years?

In five years time I see myself in Alan Sugar's shoes -- well we can all dream!

I am extremely happy in my job, and with the team at inphoActive. I can see myself taking on more responsibility within the company, and having more of a senior role.

I want to continually learn more skills and become a confident well rounded business woman in the next few years.

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