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Katia Stewart

Katia Stewart Project Officer

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Rachael Roulston

Tribal Fitness

Rachael Roulston is 21 and from the Belmont area of Belfast. She achieved a first class honours degree in Sport Science and Psychology at Nottingham Trent University before completing a variety of fitness related qualifications. On returning home to Belfast in the search of employment, Rachael successfully secured the first franchise of the exciting expansion of a locally born female fitness company, called Tribal Fitness. Rachael will be offering a full timetable of indoor and outdoor exercise sessions for ladies only in the East and Central Belfast areas.  An ex pupil of the Wallace High School in Lisburn, Rachael also devised a programme which highlighted the importance and connection between mental health and exercise which was rolled out during Mental Health week in Nottingham.

In addition to the ladies only sessions, she will also be offering specific postnatal sessions where mums can bring their babies along with them, therefore eliminating the need for childcare! It is exciting times for both Rachael and Tribal Fitness, so the days are busy! 


I get up around this time, bright and early to get ready for the first bootcamp of the day. A quick bite to eat, fruit and natural yogurt, or hot porridge for the cold mornings, gives me some energy for running around outside in nature’s gym.

Make sure the car is packed with all the equipment needed for the session and head off to the venue.

There’s nothing better than getting the muscles moving, the lungs breathing and the endorphins flowing to help set you up for the day. Also, as the saying goes — ‘exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what it’s doing!’

Back home and after writing up quick notes from the bootcamp, I grab a cup of herbal tea, and get the laptop out. I reply to any email enquiries received overnight about bootcamp sessions and personal training slots. I also update Twitter and the Facebook Page about any important notices that the Tribe need to know about, or share any interesting pieces of health and fitness research I have come across, that I think may be of interest or be of help to the ladies. I compile a to-do list for the day including tasks I need to complete, phone calls I need to make and any admin I need to catch up on.

I get the car re-packed again before heading off to trial different workout ideas at different venues. Being a new Tribal Chief I am looking for the best venues to include on the timetable in January, so it’s a lot of scouting and running around on my own or with friends to try out all my fabulous ideas!

It is also really important that I schedule in some time to make sure I have good training sessions to keep myself fit, so I would often use the time to trial my ideas as my own workout time. It kills two birds with one stone!

After trialling some workouts, I may do some leafleting or visit local groups to help spread the word about all the new fun fitness sessions available in the area.

Arrive home after a busy morning and prepare some healthy lunch and have a break! I may even sneak in a spot of daytime TV!

Time to head off for an afternoon of personal training, which is a combination of outdoor bootcamp styles and within clients’ homes. I love how being a Tribal Chief enables me to teach a variety of women in a variety of locations — it keeps it interesting!

If I do find myself having a free slot in the afternoon I usually catch up with some admin work or do some marketing for the classes.

Back in to the great outdoors again for an evening Bootcamp.

Soon this time slot will be taken up by teaching an indoor bootcamp session which will really blast away the cobwebs of the day for all the ladies looking to ‘Reboot’ after a hard day of work and kids! But for now, I use the time to plan and create new ideas for the class.

In front of the laptop again, to reply to any enquiries received during the day, and write up my files. The last thing of the day is to check my diary to see what lies ahead for the morning!

Time to wind down with a glass of grapes (that’s wine to everyone else!) and let my brain and body switch off with some reality TV!

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