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Emma McArdle

Emma McArdle Challenge Events Manager

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Khara Pringle

Award-Winning Photographer
Khara Pringle Photographic

Multi award winning photographer Khara Pringle is the owner of her own photography business, Khara Pringle Photographic.


Khara is well known in Northern Ireland for her commercial, fashion and editorial work as well as her cutting edge style and remarkable ability to create beautiful and imaginative images.

She has just recently set up a new studio on Royal Avenue in Belfast with friend and Ireland’s leading make up artist, Paddy McGurgan.

Khara said, “I love being a photographer and I also love working for myself.  I set up Khara Pringle Photographic eight years ago now and it’s been challenging and demanding but also incredibly rewarding.

I love coming into work every day and using my creativity and skills to make each client look and feel great.  I’m very fortunate to be able to open up a new studio in Belfast and I’m also very lucky that I have the opportunity to work with some fantastic clients. 

Khara, who is mum to baby Ayria (5 months) lives in Newtownards with partner Bradley Quinn.

After eight years of working alone she is excited about her new studio and joint venture with Paddy.

“Paddy’s new store is directly below my studio so it enables us to work together effortlessly and deliver fabulous new packages such as the ‘Face Forward’ package, which is the ultimate make over package.

Paddy and I both have a shared passion for delivering a service which will ensure people are relaxed, happy and most importantly, look amazing.

With the right angle, lighting, equipment and make up application, everyone has the ability to really shine and I love helping to bring that out in people.”

My alarm sounds – I’m a morning person so I leap out of bed full of energy and ready to start the day ahead.

I gallop downstairs to let the dogs out and quickly start to prepare breakfast bottles for Ayria.  I breast fed until recently and the bottles have allowed me to go back to work and share feeds with Bradley.

I jump into the shower, get dressed and shovel on make up! Thankfully, I’ve mastered the art of getting ready quickly.

I load up the car with all my equipment and lights, kiss Ayria and Bradley goodbye and head off to deliver discs from the day before to clients.


I drive into the studio and set up for the day ahead.  I put the heating on for clients who usually arrive at 8.30am.   I have a chat with clients, make them a cup of tea and get straight down to work!  Every day is completely different – no two jobs are the same and I spend the day working between my studio or out on location.  My work varies between taking head shots for corporate clients, shooting editorial or fashion shoots for magazines, taking cute family portraits, portfolios or PR pictures for various clients.  It’s so varied and is hard work but also a lot of fun. 

I usually try to grab some time for lunch in between jobs and clients, although this varies every day.  Although, more often than not I eat on the run, which is very bad I know!

1pm – 5pm
The rest of the afternoon is spent much like my morning depending on what jobs I have.  I also try to make time for meetings and answering emails in between.  Any spare time I’ve had recently has gone into moving into the new studio which is based in Royal Avenue.  So there’s been lots of driving back and forth between Newtownards and Belfast.  I never realised how much time it would take to move, it’s been hectic! But all worth it.

I fly like the wind to collect Aryia from her child minder but if I am running late (which can be quite often!) then my partner Bradley is always there to help.  It’s hard being a working mum, but I’m passionate about what I do and lots of clients are flexible with me too which really helps.

Dinner time and family time!  We enjoy sitting down to dinner and spending some quality time together.  I try to spend as much time as possible with Ayria in the evening and make sure I get lots of play time and snuggles! 

Ayria usually fades into dreamworld at this time and this is when the real work starts!

10.30pm -12.30pm
I spend the next couple of hours responding to emails and editing pictures before collapsing into bed!

For more information on Khara visit

Visit the store at 108-112 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1DL or call to make an appointment on 028 9043 4007.

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