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Clare McGowan

Clare McGowan Translink Metro Bus Driver

Be Inspired Series

Fiona Gray

Agency Nurse
Lucas Love Healthcare

Fiona Gray is a Registered General Nurse (RGN) qualified for over 37 years. She has over 13 years’ experience in staff nurse positions and almost 20 years’ experience as a nurse manager within the nursing home sector.

Tell Us A Bit About Your Day

Fiona Gray is an early riser but, as an agency nurse with Lucas Love Healthcare no day or shift will be the same. “If I am doing a day shift my morning can start as early as 6.30am. I will get myself prepared for my shift by showering, having a healthy breakfast to set me up for the day and of course go through all the details of the care home where I will be working.”

Most agency staff on day shift will have started by now and will be engaged in handovers with night staff and preparation for the day ahead. “One of the busiest times of the day; it is so important that we get a good handover from the night staff to ensure that we understand all residents/patients situations and needs.
“This is an opportunity to ask questions and get a good background, which will set you up for the day. If I am on a new placement I will also receive an induction of the home to familiarise myself with the layout, emergency plans and all residents.”

“Time for breakfast, getting dressed and importantly the medicineround. This is the ideal opportunity to assess first hand how residents are and the chance to ask them all how they are feeling, did they sleep etc, ensuring I can offer them the best care throughout my shift.”

“While the residents enjoy a morning cuppa and a chat with other residents and staff, I will undertake daily tasks including: liaising with members of the multi disciplinary team which can include: doctors, physiotherapists, and pharmacists.

“A big part of our duty of care is to ensure that we are constantly reviewing the residents’ well being; lunchtime opens the opportunity to help someone eat and drink and this is an excellent way of gauging their health. I will examine how their appetite is, how well they swallow etc and of course, they enjoy the company too.

“Another medicine round. Then I would review paperwork and develop care plans for each resident. This ensures that everyone has an individual plan that is appropriate, holistic and achievable to help keep them in the best possible health.

“You will normally see me having a cup of tea with the residents and enjoying an activity with them anything from armchair aerobics, playing a Wii game or watching a classic movie!

“Another medicine round for those who need it. Helping with tea time and then assisting those who are expecting visitors, helping them get ready to greet their guests.

“I ensure all my documentation is up to date and note anything unusual or any changes in anyone that occurred during the day and at 7.45pm I hand over to the next group of staff. A good handover is essential to ensure that everyone is aware of everything that is going and one of the most important times on shift.


“When you have completed a long day you need time to unwind. I usually go to bed around 11.30pm but, as an agency nurse I have the flexibility to choose when and how long I work; it’s a great way to achieve work life balance without jeopardising your career. Choosing to work for agency and Lucas Love Healthcare was one of the best career choices I have ever made.”

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