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14th August 2020

Exam results – what now?

Head of the Northern Ireland Careers Service Frances O'Hara answers some frequently asked questions.

28th October 2019

How to position your investment pitch

If you are a company looking for funding, what do you have to do to improve your chances of success? Director of Funding at fintech hub Catalyst, Alan Watts shares his advice.

13th October 2019

How to refresh your CV

No matter how settled you are in your current role it can be good practice to keep your CV up to date and relevant. Not only will documenting achievements as they happen ensure you don't forget them but it will also save you time and effort if you should find yourself job hunting or wishing to apply for a new role.

24th September 2019

How to manage your student finances

Chances are university will be the first time you have to manage your own money and bills. So, we've put together some helpful tips on how to manage your student finances.

16th September 2019

Job application tips and pitfalls

Spending time completing job applications and getting them right will pretty much guarantee you get to the next stage in the recruitment process. With that in mind, our friends at Hunter Savage have put together some helpful tips and common pitfalls to avoid when completing that all-important job application.

2nd September 2019

The recruitment process – what you need to know

The recruitment process can be tough and you may be unsure where to start in your recruitment efforts. So, to help, we’ve teamed up with the CIPD to answer all your burning recruitment questions. Here’s everything you need to know about the recruitment process. The recruitment process Effective recruitment involves ensuring that the organisation has...

1st September 2019

How to get ready for an interview

If you’ve recently graduated and started applying for jobs then you may be facing your first round of interviews. The key to a successful interview is sound preparation – fail to prepare, then prepare to fail. So, make sure you do your homework. Here are a few interview tips to help get you ready. Research...

17th August 2019

How to deal with exam results

If you haven’t got the exam grades you were hoping for all is not lost. It may mean reconsidering your chosen course or university but there is advice out there to help you. Think about what went wrong If it goes pear-shaped, take a bit of time to reflect upon why. Were A-levels the right...

12th August 2019

How to prepare for university

The new academic year is on the horizon, so take a look at the following checklist (from UCAS) to make sure you’re prepared for university. Are there any other offer conditions you need to meet? Apart from waiting for your exam results, check whether you need to do anything else to get your place. Your...

1st August 2019

Ask the expert with CIPD

We’ve teamed up with the CIPD to answer all your burning HR questions. Whether you need advice on the recruitment process, contracts of employment or well-being at work, we’re on hand to help. About CIPD CIPD are the professional body for experts in people at work. They set professional standards for HR and people development...

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