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Sell Yourself

28th January 2015


If you’re a naturally shy person, it can be a daunting task to try and sell yourself in a job application form or interview, but there are a few ways to make it easier. 

The first step to selling your-self is to recognise that you have worthwhile skills and strengths.
Make a list of personal qualities you possess, think of past examples where you have achieved a goal and detail how you did it. Look at the different areas of your life —hobbies, job, social life — and think about ways in which they have contributed to your personal development.

Make a list of extra qualifications or courses you might have attended such as first aid or IT courses. If you’re struggling it can be a good idea to ask friends, family, colleagues and tutors what they think your strengths and skills are.

If you’re worried about com-ing across as arrogant, you have to change your thinking. What you are doing in your interview isn’t boasting; you are simply providing recruiters with evidence that you are the right person for the job. Unless you speak up for yourself and your abilities, the interviewer will have no way of knowing and will hire someone else.


A positive mindset will help you to stay calm, keep anxiety at bay and encourage others to reciprocate your attitude.

GIVE EXAMPLES: When answering a question about a time when you had success or achieved some-thing, give an example. Be specific and let the facts speak for themselves — make sure you stick to the truth!

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