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17th June 2020

College move remains on schedule

Northern Regional College has confirmed that the relocation of its Coleraine campus to Beresford Avenue in the town later this year remains on schedule.

12th June 2020

How I became a Chief Financial Officer for Fibrus Ltd

Jenny Nuttall is a Chief Financial Officer for Fibrus Ltd. Originally from Canada she has spent more than two decades working in the finance sector in the UK and Ireland. Read how she became a Chief Financial Officer.

9th June 2020

How employers can promote healthy working practices

A survey of more than 6,000 workers found the number of people saying work has a positive impact on their mental health has fallen. In response, the CIPD is recommending that employers promote healthy working practices.

8th June 2020

Healthcare firm announces 200 new jobs

As part of efforts to enhance its national testing capacity, global diagnostics company Randox has announced an investment of £30million in a new specialised COVID-19 testing lab and the creation of 200 jobs.

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