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Moy Park set to create 500 temp jobs in Northern Ireland

24th March 2020

As fears rise over the impact of Coronavirus, supermarkets have seen a huge rush in customers stocking up on food and goods. Now, Northern Ireland’s largest private sector business and one of the UK’s top food companies Moy Park is recruiting around 500 temporary staff in Northern Ireland alone as demand for groceries grow.

Moy Park announced it is hiring 1,000 new temporary workers in total across its UK operations as it seeks to boost production. Around 500 of those are to be based in Northern Ireland sites including Craigavon and Dungannon.

The poultry giant is looking for people to join its teams across a range of roles in its agriculture and production operations.

Moy Park director Kirsty Wilkins said: “This increase in grocery retail comes at a time when there has been a fall in demand across our sister sectors of hospitality and tourism as people’s socialising and travel plans are curtailed.

“We hope the pressure being faced across these industries is short term and, in the meantime, we are keen to help anyone looking for a job through these new opportunities.”

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