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17th September 2013

Give us a break – rights to holiday leave and pay explained

Rights to holiday leave and pay are one of the most common employment queries to CAB. A recent evidence briefing which was produced nationally by Citizens Advice showed that there are still many workers throughout the UK who are still not given this basic statutory right. ‘Give us a break’ welcomed Government plans to review...

17th September 2013

Every employee entitled to basic rights!

By law, every employee is entitled to a certain set of basic rights and conditions at work. These basic rights are separate from any rights granted by an employment contract. Whilst an employment contract can add to the employee’s rights at work, it cannot remove any statutory rights and any clause which seeks to do...

17th September 2013

Don’t let workplace bullies get the better of you!

Workplace bullying can have an adverse effect, both for those who suffer from it and for the employers who experience disrupted workplaces. It is difficult to assess the prevalence of bullying in the workplace, but the Labour Relations Agency deals with over 1,000 enquiries on workplace bullying each year, and it could be assumed that...

17th September 2013

All work no rest? Ensure you get a break!

Rest breaks are an important area of employment rights; to ensure both the welfare of workers and the maintenance of workplace productivity. Following a 2006 case in the European Court of Justice, it has been established that employers must establish in an active fashion that workers can take advantage of their right to rest breaks....

17th September 2013

Under 18? Know your working rights!

With many young people having part-time work over the summer holidays or during their studies, it is important to consider their rights. The legislation which establishes the law for children and young people in this area is the Employment of Children Regulations (Northern Ireland) 1996. A child is defined as someone under the minimum school...

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