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How to use LinkedIn for job search success

15th July 2019

LinkedIn is a professional networking site which helps connect individuals and companies. For many people, having a LinkedIn profile can seem like a hassle that they don’t need or feel that it’s not relevant but with a recent survey suggesting that 94% of recruiters use the site to help vet potential candidates it’s worth investing the time and effort in creating an online career persona.

LinkedIn can act as an online CV, allowing you to document your education and work history. Not only that it can also allow you to expand upon your previous roles, add links to your work or projects and share further information about your aspirations.

Here are some top tips:

Write a full job description for each role

This sounds simple, but by writing a full description of each of your roles you can give employers a visual guide of how you’ve developed within your career and often with a road map of where you would like to go next in your career.

Proofread your profile

Another simple, yet highly effective way to improve your chances of application success is to fully proofread your profile and ensure that it is mistake free.

Get endorsed for your skills

Ask colleagues to endorse you for skills which represent your strengths, this can give employers an oversight of your skill set and also an indication of how you work within a team. 

LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn allows groups to be built to connect people with similar interests. These can be a very helpful tool for finding out the latest news and developments in your industry or an area of your career which you’d like to develop your knowledge of.

Change your user URL

This last tip seems like a strange one but changing your URL on LinkedIn will instantly make your profile look more professional instead of having a sequence of numbers or letters.

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