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How to revise successfully 

13th May 2019

If you’re in education, then chances are you’re gearing up for the imminent exam season. Whether you’re tackling GCSEs, A-levels or end of year exams the approach should be the same. Early preparation is ideal but it’s never too late to make a start, so if you’re behind with revision then don’t panic. Here are a few hints and tips to help you revise successfully.

Set an alarm

Research shows your attention span and ability to retain information is better in the morning so resist the urge to lie-in and get up and get started at a sensible time.

Get rid of distractions

Procrastination is the enemy of many a reviser so eliminate unnecessary distractions in advance by turning your phone off so that you won’t be tempted to check social media and waste valuable time.

Make a timetable

Make a list and prioritise in terms of the order of exams. While you may not have long left to get organised it is important to make the time you have left count and use it wisely. Writing lists will give you a sense of focus and also a feeling of achievement as you tick tasks off. If you miss a study session don’t let it throw your whole schedule off track and instead simply carry on with what you should be revising next.

Manage your expectations

Be realistic in what you can hope to achieve in the time you have left to study. It may seem like a good idea to pull all-nighters to try and get ahead but your body (and brain) need sleep for optimum functionality. As the saying goes ‘work smarter, not harder’, it is better to use your time effectively and find a balance you can stick to.

Set the environment

A well-lit, ventilated space is the best in which to revise, so whether that’s your bedroom, the library or the dining room table find a place that works for you and stake your claim. Rather than chaining yourself to your desk for eight hours at a time schedule in regular breaks and try to get a change of scenery in this allocated time. Healthy eating and exercise breaks during exam time will also be beneficial to help keep you refreshed and energised.

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