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How to… make your CV interesting

10th December 2018

Whether you are actively job hunting or just keeping your options open for the future it is a good idea to keep an up-to-date CV.

Setting time aside now to create a good quality CV could prove invaluable further down the line.

Top 10 CV tips:

  1. Tailor your CV to each job you apply for by emphasising your skills and experience that are relevant to that job.
  2. Describe your transferable skills, such as team working, problem solving and planning.
  3. Sound positive and dynamic by using active verbs.
  4. Present information in reverse chronological order. This applies to both your qualifications and your work experience. An employer is most interested in what you have done recently and expects you to devote more space on the CV to these activities.
  5. Considering the visual impact. Are the headings logically ordered? Are there big blocks of text unbroken by bullet points or subheadings? Would you want to read it?
  6. Be consistent in how you present information and in the layout. For example, have headings in the same style, present your employment history in the same format for each entry.
  7. Check spelling and grammar, don’t just rely on a spell checker.
  8. Be concise, your CV should be no more than one or two pages. If you have two pages make sure they are on separate sheets and stapled in the top left corner.
  9. Review and update your CV regularly. It is easier to update it as and when work events or achievements happen rather than have to try and think back at a later date.
  10. Reconsider the style, content and covering letter, and get advice if you aren’t getting interviews. Look at sample CVs online and if you know anyone who works in recruitment or management ask them if they would mind casting an eye over your CV and giving their honest opinion.


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