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How To… Love What You Do

7th March 2018

IN her latest blog post for Generation Women founder, Sinead Sharkey shares her top tips for falling in love with your job.

How do you feel about your job?

Did you know your career is the number one factor in your overall wellbeing?

It stands to reason, after all, it’s what we do every day. Imagine the impact of being able to fall in love with what you do, even a little bit – your whole sense of wellbeing would improve.

Use your strengths

Your strengths are not just the things that you’re good at, but also what energises you. You may be amazing at sales, or cooking, but if it drains you that’s not a strength. It’s time to pay attention to the things that you do that you are both great at AND give you a buzz.

Find a work best friend

When you have someone you trust, supports you, and listens and understands your issues, then it’s no wonder you’ll enjoy work more.

Spread some positivity

A useful way of thinking can be to decide to leave everyone you meet in a better state than you found them.

Improve things

It’s your job, your life, your responsibility to make it better. Can you speak to your manager about getting involved in a new project? Or maybe it’s time you did something to help improve how the team work together? You never know how much better things can be until you make a change.

Get recognised and recognise others

Look for opportunities to present, give progress updates, and learn to talk about yourself and what you’re doing. Also, if you start recognising and giving feedback to the people around you about what they’re doing well, the behaviour will catch on.

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