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How to… explore graduate work opportunities

3rd August 2018

If you’ve recently graduated and aren’t having much luck securing employment then don’t panic. There are plenty of career opportunities out there for students willing to display some initiative and imagination.

Join a small business

Thanks to the massive campus marketing efforts of the major graduate recruiters, it’s easy to forget smaller employers. They may not offer the same structured training or perks, but you’ll find that many are just as keen to recruit good graduates. They’ll often be able to offer you roles with more responsibility and breadth than you might find on a big graduate scheme, plus you’re more likely to get to know how the business as a whole operates.

Set up your own business

As a student or a recent graduate, you’re well placed to give entrepreneurship a try. Even if your business doesn’t take off you’ll still have picked up plenty of skills and knowledge that will impress potential employers.

Work as a tutor

You don’t have to want to be a teacher to reap the career benefits from giving tutoring a go. Presenting complex information in an easily digestible form is a skill that most roles require, and helping school children learn is also an ideal way to demonstrate you’re creative and responsible, with leadership potential. You can work as a tutor through an agency, or by private arrangement. Either way you’re likely to need excellent academic references and up-to-date CRB certification.

Make the most of part-time or temporary work

Employers appreciate the skills and knowledge you can acquire through acasual job. It’s therefore worth making sure you’re getting the most out of yours. Look for opportunities to take on more responsibility, lead other people, and share your ideas.

Work abroad

If getting employment in the UK is proving difficult why not try to get some relevant work experience or even a permanent position in a country you’d like to see?

Start your search today.

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