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How to be more mindful at work

18th June 2019

Help ease the stress and monotony of your job with these hints and tips to be more present in the workplace.

Active listening

The ratio of the information you hear to what you retain can be surprising. If you find yourself sitting in meetings with your attention waning then you are probably listening passively rather than actively. Try focusing on what the speaker is saying, give them your full attention and take down relevant notes.

Find focus

To be mindful at work means to be consciously present in what you’re doing at the time. Give each task your full attention. Setting a timer for each piece of work you have to do may help to keep you on track. Commit to not looking at your phone or anything other than the task at hand while the timer is running.

Forget multi-tasking

Forget the myth that multi-tasking is productive; as stated in the point above, it is better (and less stressful) to focus your full attention on one task at a time than try to spread yourself too thinly.

Clear your mind

A few minutes of deep breathing is an effective form of meditation that can be done anywhere. Research published in the Journal of Neurophysiology shows that deep breathing can actually change the way your mind functions, allowing you to activate new pans of your brain. Take two minutes every hour to focus on your breathing, imagining tension and worry leaving your body on each exhalation.

Take breaks

It is important, even on busy days, to get time away from your desk. If possible, try to get a change of scenery and eat away from your office environment. Taking a few minutes throughout the day to stand, stretch and walk around will do both your mind and body a favour.

Make goals

Make goals and write them down. Making a list of things you want to achieve will automatically make you feel like you are being proactive and will shift you into a more positive mindset.

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