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How to be more confident at work

4th June 2019

Many people lack confidence from time to time in the workplace. This could be due to starting a new job, a promotion or simply just a touch of low self-esteem.

Confidence can go a long way to helping you reach your full career potential so knowing how to overcome feelings of inadequacy, shyness or self-doubt will be invaluable.

Here are a few hints and tips

Ask questions

The only way to learn is by asking questions. At some point everyone has been where you are and no one is expected to know everything right away. It is better to ask more questions and learn how to do something correctly than trying to wing it and hoping for the best.

Mistakes are a part of life

If something goes wrong take the necessary steps to put it right then try not to dwell on it. Everyone makes mistakes on occasion and what’s more important is how you cope with it.

Dress smartly

Putting on smart work clothes and looking the part will not only help you feel more sure of yourself but it will also positively affect how others perceive you. As the saying goes ‘fake it till you make it’.

Slow down

If you’re nervous you’re more likely to talk fast and try to rush through tasks. Take a few deep breaths, focus on making eye contact and listening to what others are saying. A few simple mindfulness tasks or breathing exercises might help you to stay more calm and relaxed. Download a wellbeing app on your phone and refer to it on break times.

Make allies

Making friends in the workplace has no end of benefits. Seeking out positive co-workers and mentors will help ensure you don’t dread going into work and will form a support network for when you need advice or to talk through an issue.

Believe in yourself

You got the job for a reason so other people clearly believe in you even if you doubt yourself.

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