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How to apply for a job

12th May 2017

Let’s face it, getting a job is difficult.

Unemployment rates might be pretty low but it’s still not easy to land the role of your dreams.

Even if you’ve ticked all the “essential criteria” in the application form, getting to the interview stage can sometimes seem like a bit of a lottery.

It shouldn’t.

By following a few key tips you can make sure that when you apply for a job you’re giving yourself the best possible chance of getting asked to interview.

1 – The devil really is in the detail

You might think you’ve got an amazing back catalogue of experience which speaks for itself and an interview is guaranteed.

Think again.

If you’re application is littered with speling and punctuation mustaks then you might as well kiss goodbye to the chnce of an intervu.

If you can’t be bothered to correct the mistakes which Word has highlighted with a big red line then you’re unlikely to bother making sure you do a good job for the company you want to work for.

Write it, read it, reread it and reread it again.

Then get someone else who you trust to read it.

The more eyes the better.

2 – Bespoke is best

You’re probably pretty pleased with your CV having spent a bit of time making sure you look the part.

That doesn’t mean the hard work is over and you can just fire it off in reply to every job which comes up, or cut and paste sections of it into an application form.

Do that and you’ll stand out a mile as someone who doesn’t really match up to the job which is advertised.

Instead, read the job description and spend a bit of time showing the person reading the application or CV how your experience relates to the role they want to fill.

It’s all about the transferable skills.

Bland, cut-and-pasted experience really shows and will instantly find you in the “straight to the ‘thanks but no thanks’ file”.

3 – Be true to yourself

Look, we all like to big ourselves up in our CVs, and we should.

But don’t stretch the truth.

Anything you can’t back up in an interview should be ditched, and fast.

Blatant lies in a CV don’t inspire confidence that you’ll be an honest employee and will soon be found out.

4 – Be positive

The way you write a job application or CV can give a lot away about your personality and how much you want the job.

Always write in a hugely positive way about yourself, be hugely positive about the company you’re applying to and show an immense amount of enthusiasm for the position.

Nonchalance is for the dancefloor. It has no place in a job application.

These might sound like obvious points but it’s amazing how many people forget to abide by the most basic rules when applying for a job.

The process might be a long one but if you stick by these basic guidelines, show a bit of perseverance and keep your eye on the end goal, then your dream job could be just around the corner.

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