How Recruiters Can Attract More Jobseekers

15th February 2022

A lot of businesses in Northern Ireland have been finding it more challenging recently to recruit new staff, here are 6 ways how recruiters can attract more jobseekers.

Yet in the nijobfinder job seeker’s survey 70% of respondents have been reconsidering their career and are looking for a new job.  If recruiters want to tap into this fertile jobseekers market our respondents were clear on what they expect from potential employers.

What can recruiters do to attract more workers to their company?

Nijobfinder Business Manager Colin Maxwell has 6 key pieces of advice on how recruiters can attract more jobseekers.

1. Salary not listed                                                     

65% of respondents in our survey said this was the thing they disliked most about the recruitment process.  79% of jobseekers are deterred from applying if the salary is not included in the job description.

Recruiters should list the salary or at least a salary band to attract more jobseekers.   Don’t reduce your application rate by not including a salary indication.

2. No response from recruiters                             

53% of jobseekers said no response from recruiters was what they disliked about job hunting.

Recruiters should always reply to ALL applications as a courtesy for the effort jobseekers have made to apply to your company.  An email is a quick and easy thing to do and will encourage people to apply again for other posts and helps promote your brand as a considerate employer.

3. Takes too long to fill in application forms    

Make the application process as quick and easy as possible to encourage more applications – 87% of respondents of the  nijobfinder jobseek’s survey prefer to apply via online application forms or by uploading their CV online.  Recruiters can do this easily via

4. Offer remote or hybrid working

76%  of jobseekers now expect employers to offer remote or hybrid working.  Up your chances of acquiring new employees by offering remote or hybrid working if possible.

5. Offer flexible working.

Since covid flexible working now as important to jobseekers as salary.  If recruiters can offer flexible working they will make their company more attractive to candidates and it will also help retain existing workers. 

Businesses, employees and jobseekers have all had to adjust and become more flexible since covid and Brexit and this includes reconsidering the recruitment process.

6. Connect to Talent others can’t reach via nijobfinder

Another way how recruiters can attract more jobseeker is with nijobfinder Connect we can help you reach 828,000 active and passive job seekers via the Mediahuis UK media portfolio. This includes nijobfinder in print, online and social media,, Sunday Life, Sunday World, Ulster Business and Ulster Grocer. We can promote your brand and your vacancies to make sure you attract the right candidates. Check out the video below to see how we helped to Connect Diageo to their target audience.

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