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Hairdressing event aims to spur innovation and creativity

8th November 2017

A START-UP company is holding an event to encourage creativity and innovation across Northern Ireland’s haircare industry.

The Belfast-based, Quartered Steels recently secured private equity funding to set up their bespoke scissors manufacturing business and with this one-day event its founders and organisers of the first ever HairFest 2017, Dan Wild and Andrew Mearns, hope to give back to the industry and showcase Northern Ireland’s creative talent to a roster of internationally-renowned hairstylists and barbers.

Dan explained: “Thinking outside the box and challenging traditions is something we pride ourselves on and have been lucky enough to make a success out of it.

“Northern Ireland’s hair professionals are brimming with creativity and talent and HairFest is an opportunity for this to be harnessed and channeled into delivering even more boldly for all our clients.

“And you never know, bubbling under the surface there might be another great start-up idea just waiting for the right tools and tips to unlock future success.”

Andrew added: “Across the UK and Ireland the industry employs some 370,000 people within over 50,000 hair and beauty salons and barber shops. And here in Northern Ireland we don’t just provide people with the tangible benefit of a great style and cut, but also through employment, turnover and gross value added (GVA) in the private sector.

“As we all know small businesses, micro-business, self-employed and entrepreneurs are playing a vital role in economic recovery and growth. But we must also ensure that we have the skills base to ensure we keep reaping the dividends of growth and that’s where HairFest comes in.”

He continued: “We want to capture the potential talent and creativity evident within Northern Ireland’s haircare industry and enhance it by delivering expert speakers, on-the-day training, product demonstrations and invaluable networking opportunities.”

At the interactive training event attendees will have the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and skills, meet and develop relationships with experienced industry members and be ready to capitalise on the busy festive months ahead.

Taking place on Sunday November 19 in South 13, Boucher Road, Belfast, the event will see a stellar panel of experts take part in the exhibition, curated to give guests the chance to discover new brands, network and learn from the best in the business.

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