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Export success for Belfast medical company TriMedika

22nd January 2020

Medical technology company, TriMedika, is set to create five new jobs after securing major export partners in 11 new countries.

TriMedika, located at the Innovation Factory in West Belfast, has created TRITEMP a new hi-tech, non-contact infrared thermometer that drastically reduces the potential for infection and eliminates the use of millions of plastic disposable probe covers every year.

The new thermometer is already being used in 16 countries and following attendance of the major international trade show Medica in Dusseldorf, the company has identified additional channel partners in new territories including Brazil, Mexico, all four Scandinavian countries, Belgium, Portugal, Italy, Poland and Croatia.

Dr Roisin Molloy and Julie Brien formed TriMedika in 2016 after carrying out extensive research into equipment to meet the changing requirements of medical staff and organisations.

Dr Molloy commented: “The main aim of the NHS is to reduce infection, save costs and reduce waste. A 900-bed hospital takes around one to two million temperature readings per year, which means one to two million plastic caps for disposal and one to two million unnecessary contact points with patients.

In TRITEMP we have created something that does away with this, reducing the potential for infection and eliminating tons of plastic waste.”

Within 18 months the team had developed and brought to market a fully certified, tested infrared thermometer, gaining approval both in Northern Ireland and England on the NHS purchasing framework. The company’s next step is to create a new system of connectivity that automatically records the patients’ temperature in a digital record.

“Everything in a hospital is currently written down on a chart then transferred later to digital records by the nursing staff, wasting nurses’ time. We are working to develop a system that will do this instantly,” explained Dr Molloy.

Majella Barkley, Centre Director at Innovation Factory said TriMedika was an exciting example of Northern Ireland entrepreneurs developing new technology that would potentially save the health service millions.

She said: “TriMedika is making a significant contribution to the future of the National Health Service. It is incredible that a small team of Northern Ireland innovators and medical professionals are creating products that could affect the lives of NHS patients for years to come!”

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