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Building society pushes employers to promote saving

15th May 2019

Employers in Northern Ireland are being urged to support a personal savings drive as new research reveals the number of people who do not save here could fill Windsor Park football stadium nearly 11 times over.

Analysis carried out by Yorkshire Building Society shows 202,155 (24%) of workers in Northern Ireland do not save, the lowest level it has been since 1963, prompting the society to encourage them to think about ways to build their financial resilience.

Tanya Jackson, head of corporate affairs at Yorkshire Building Society, said: “With 24% of workers in Northern Ireland not saving at all it is clear this is a wide scale issue.

“Big numbers in isolation can be easy to dismiss but thinking about Windsor Park filled 11 times really brings home how many people are leaving themselves vulnerable to financial shocks by not saving.”

She said that over the next five years, Yorkshire Building Society want “to help an additional 1.8m workers who aren’t saving to start putting away money.”

“We want other businesses, Government and non-savers to join in as increasing the nation’s financial resilience has clear benefits for individuals, employers and the economy,” she added.

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