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6 ways to crack your interview technique

29th March 2018

How’s your interview technique?

You’ve spent hours on perfecting your CV, personalising each cover letter and you’ve just received an invite to an interview. There is no worse feeling than being unprepared for an interview. The process can be gruelling, but it means you’re one step closer to your dream job. This week on the blog, we’re covering 6 ways to help crack your interview technique – just in time for Easter!

  1. Don’t get caught up when the panel ask ‘Tell me about yourself?’

We’ve all been there. That dreaded question, and then the rambling begins. When asked this question it’s your opportunity to give an overview of your where you are and the best elements from your CV. Avoid rambling and leave the interviewer with a positive insight of who you are and how you’d fit with their team.

  1. We’re all humans, we all have flaws

When preparing for an interview, we all think about our strengths and how we’re a perfect fit for the recruiter’s criteria. However, if a panel asks about your weaknesses it can throw off even the most confident of candidates. Everyone has weaknesses and it’s good to share them during an interview. For example, many people are perfectionists and can get easily lost in the details of a large project, for others you may be too hard on yourself when something doesn’t go to plan. Admitting your weaknesses and identifying how you address them is the key to this question.

  1. Get your facts right

There are two things you have to know: the ins and outs of the company and also of your CV. Interviewers will often refer directly to your CV. You should know it like the back of your hand and be able to expand upon it where necessary. We all know the importance of an elevator pitch, a way to promote yourself quickly and highlight your key attributes. But you’ll need to be able to offer more than this and expand upon any points which may be questioned.

  1. Learn to listen

Active listening is one of the best skills you can learn. When you’re being asked a series of questions and mentally preparing your answer, it can be easy to miss elements of the question. One of the best ways to avoid getting lost in a question is to prepare answers. You can prepare these in advance and be flexible when you use them. And remember, you can always clarify question with the interviewer to ensure you don’t miss the mark!

  1. Thank you for the opportunity

Attitude is everything when it comes to an interview. Remain optimistic throughout the interview and always remember to thank your interviewers when you leave. Why not send a quick email to thank your interview panel and it’s another good way to double check any final details? When jobhunting try not to lose sight of the end goal and remember that you’ll learn from every interview you do.

  1. How to pop the question

Finally, one of the most important things about cracking your interview technique is to ask questions. This doesn’t mean asking about the salary but finding out more about the company’s culture and teams. Finally, you can ask about the next step in their interview process which shows your interest in the role and company.

Looking to crack your interview technique?

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