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How to set your 2020 career goals

10th January 2020

New year, new start? Whether you’re thinking about a promotion in your current job, a change in career, or looking to get on the job ladder for the first time, putting some career goals in place now could help you for the year ahead.

Kick-start 2020 by setting yourself career goals.

Five ways to set your career goals this new year

Put it in writing

Research has shown that writing down your goals helps you to visualise them which then in turn makes you more than 40% more likely to achieve them. Think about what you want this coming year to bring and number them in order of significance to you. It could be that you want to earn more money, make more sales, strike a better work/life balance or perhaps it is that you want to retrain or return to study.

Get a plan in motion

Now that you have your list of goals you need to think about the necessary steps to take in order to achieve them. If a promotion or pay rise is on your list, then it might be an idea to schedule a meeting with your current boss to discuss career progression. If however you’re looking to move on to a new opportunity then now is the time to spruce up your CV, update your LinkedIn and start searching through nijobfinder.  

Ask advice

Talk to trusted family members and peers about what you hope to achieve over the coming months. Before making any major decisions take your time and consider your options, particularly if it involves a change in direction. Don’t rush big decisions.

Brush up on your skills

Industries and work environments change so it is important to keep up. Whether you take a course or read a book, you’ll find education to be one of the most motivating and beneficial resolutions to keep. Lifelong learning has never been more important.

Be flexible

Set realistic and positive goals for yourself but be prepared for setbacks and change. Adopting a positive mindset will not only give you more confidence and improve your mood but it will lower your stress levels to help you take challenges in your stride.

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