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How to decide on a career change

27th July 2020

For most people, changing jobs is a well-planned process. Ideally, it should not be rushed – take your time to consider all of your options beforehand.

There are some questions that you should weigh up to help you decide when to change jobs.

Questions to ask before deciding on a career change

  1. Are you currently satisfied in your job? If not, are you dissatisfied because of your work, the company culture or maybe because of relationships with colleagues?

  2. What are your interests, skills and personality and what career do you think will best suit? What alternative careers are you considering? Start by reviewing your previous jobs – what you liked and disliked and select the activities and skills you preferred then make a list of roles to explore. If you are unsure of what career path to take, you can use free online self-assessment tools to help.

  3. Can you afford to move jobs right now if moving will result in a drop in salary or benefits?

  4. Are you in a positive place to take on a new role at present?

  5. Are you subject to any clawbacks in work, that you may be better off waiting until their term is up?

  6. Do you have a bonus payment due that would be worth hanging on for?

  7. Is there an opportunity for promotion or advancement with your existing company?

  8. What is the external employment climate like for similar roles to your own?

  9. What is the job market like for someone with your skills and experience?

  10. Do you have any long holidays planned or major events that require you to miss much work? New employers can often be less tolerant than employers who know your track record. You will more than likely be on a probationary period in your new role. This means you could run the risk of being fired or not kept on if your performance is not strong enough from the outset.

  11. Will you get a good reference? If you have had a recent negative issue in work, in an otherwise positive employment history there, it might be wise to stay long enough in your current role to redeem yourself.

  12. Do you have any restrictive covenants written into your contract that need to be considered?

  13. Is the company that you are interested in joining likely to be recruiting again soon, or is this a once in a lifetime chance that you need to take?

  14. Is the grass actually greener on the other side – are you really sure you want to make a move?

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